Dr. Jill Ilagan Psychologist Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

Jill Ilagan, PsyD.
Licensed Psychologist
1041 Johnnie Dodds Boulevard
Suite 5C
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464


My work is a collaboration with my clients to bring balance back into their lives.

We strive to take the focus away from persistent thoughts about food and weight and exercise and instead focus on the true self, separate from the imbalanced thoughts & behaviors related to disordered eating. I take the stance that this imbalance has resulted from an effort to cope. That in an effort to soothe anxiety, banish loneliness, or exert control, clients have become over-dependent on food & exercise. Together my clients and I replenish their lives with passions, emotions, needs & wants, so that the disordered eating has less & less space in their lives. It becomes banished to the periphery of their living.

Through compassion and hope we bring balance to an imbalanced life. I believe that being in recovery and being recovered from an eating disorder is a possibility. And through compassion and acceptance we strive to set the balance right and help them move forward into recovery with hope and momentum.


Fees & Insurance

Cost: $120 per 50 min. session
Insurance: Currently, I am not in-network with any insurance companies. However, I can help clients request reimbursement from their insurance companies, by providing them with the necessary paperwork.


Monday – Friday: 10-5pm
Additional appointment times available as needed in special situations.